At Central Outreach & Advocacy Center, we work in partnership with individuals and families to assist and advocate with them to avoid or overcome homelessness. Each year, there are over 20,000 individuals experiencing homelessness in Atlanta, and even more families teetering on the brink of losing their homes. In response to this difficult reality, we offer programs and services, including job readiness training, supportive services and advocacy, to equip and empower our guests to find a way out of homelessness.


Our supportive services meet critical needs. We assist our guests in obtaining birth certificates and identification, which open doors to employment, healthcare, and housing. We also provide access to emergency food and clothing and assist guests with benefits enrollment. Through partnerships with other agencies, we offer on-site vision clinics and prescription glasses, basic medical care, and legal aid.


con2The Main Frame Job Readiness program provides the technical skills and personal support our guests need to find and maintain steady, living-wage employment in today’s difficult job market. Students are instructed in computer skills, résumé preparation, and self-presentation. They learn how to apply for jobs online, how to conduct themselves during interviews and in the workplace, and receive one-on-one tutoring and mentorship.


We are committed to addressing the larger issues and attitudes that contribute to homelessness. We engage in advocacy work that seeks both to change policies and practices that make it difficult for people to escape poverty and to empower our guests to advocate for themselves. Our approach has developed out of our hands-on work with homeless men and women and continues to be directed by their experiences.